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Project Serenity is an on-going (indefinitely post-poned) project by me and HyperTech. It is heavily inspired by Freedom Planet, but intended to be completely original and unique. Unfortunately, this goal is most likely what lead to this project's downfall.

The goal of the project has always been to be our own take on a fangame of Sonic. It is programmed on the Not-so-simple Sonic Worlds engine, created by LakeFeperd, which is branched off the main Sonic Worlds engine. This project actually merges some of the code from the initial project, to add functionality otherwise not available from the standard NSS-Sonic Worlds engine.

Akina the Hedgehog
Akina is an adventure-loving hedgehog. Her name and color represents the Autumn. She and Saipurrus met at school, shortly after she announced her deadly illness to her classmates. Akina followed her home, and saved her life by fusing her with a robotic body she made earlier. Together, they travel the lands, seeking out adventure where they can find it!

Saipurrus the Cat
Saipurrus is a cat that had leukemia, and died from it. However, she was fused with a robotic body by Akina. She is eternally greatful, and often follows her around, assisting where she can. Thanks to self-repairing robotics, she can easily repair damage on her body, at the cost of energy.

This project has been indefinitely post-poned, for a few reasons. First, we got really busy, and the project fell to the far back-burners. Second, we ran out of ideas, and we didn't have a level designer. Finally, we didn't have... really any of the assets we needed. I'm not good enough at sprites, and the second design of Akina was very hard to represent in sprite form.

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last updated May 23, 2019